Friday, 21 January 2011

Friday 21st January

So, I totally did it. Again.

Yes, we have a new kitten, she's tiny, black, a madam, extremely playful and always up to no good. Also shes' full of snot, the poor sod. So, this weekend we got up nice and early and took her up to the vets, who gave her a good check over and decided that anti-biotics should do the trick. 80 Euro lighter, we're on our way home.

Thankfully, it's only taken a week for everything to fall into place at home and she's getting on great with all the boys now. Just to get her booked in to be neutered now! (Goodbye another 80 Euro!)

I keep seeing so many pretty things over on Etsy, I just want to buy it all. Already set planning Christmas shopping for 2011 to be done on Etsy (well in advance, might I add). This way everyone gets something awesome, hand-made and it's something that they're not going to find in the shops!

In diet news, I've switched to Weight Watchters and even though I'm sure I've mentioned this before, I'm totally over the moon as it's working, also I need to make the decision: do I carry on with using the tracker online and everything or do I go to the groups. After joining a group today, I enjoyed the pleasure but there was a couple of things that left me abit 'hmm'.

  • You can't take your shoes off to get on the scales.
  • There's no 'new member talk'. You're just left to join in the group and mingle.
  • You do get an awesome folder, I've noticed the points in the booklets are very .. 'general'.Also, I noticed the Leader mentioning that you can have up to your 5 pieces of fruit per day as ZERO point, but anything after that should be pointed (how are you going to point a banana, if it's listed in your booklet as ZERO points. Crazy talk lady, just tell them moderation.)

We shall see, plan for this week:

  • Gym at least twice. - Gone once so far! Check!
  • Eat some speed foods - Melon, Strawberries - purchased and soon to be a check!
  • Eat some of my weekly points this weekend, bump that metabolism!Food plan for the week ahead, I don't want any slip-up's this week (no sneaky bags of maltesers)

Right now, I'm shattered and rather hungry!

Weight-loss this week: -2lb!

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