Friday, 4 February 2011

Christmas Party 2011

I've been doing abit of basic maths, I have 38 weeks (now 37 as of weigh-in today) and I plan on losing 1lb each and every week. This 38 week countdown is until the 28th of October, my birthday being the 31st of October.

Works' Christmas party is normally within the first two weeks of December, so this gives me 38 weeks at 1lb a week which equals 38lbs (2 stone 10lb) to lose with a 4 - 6 week buffer. Which could get me down by 3 stone - 3 stone 2lbs at the most if I concentrate on 1lb a week.

But that time, I want to be in this dress:

Dress is from Vivien Holloway
This, my dear readers, is one of my goals. If I manage that weight loss, I will have that dress and grow my hair over the year, I will have a funky colour put through and have it styled in a funky 1950's style to go with it.

The challenge is on.

P.s I managed a loss of 2lbs this week!

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