Tuesday, 22 February 2011

 Since I'm in work and unable to get on minimins to fill out my food diary, I thought I'd pop it here! That is until I get home :p

Breakfast: Muller light, Clementine

Lunch: Pasta, Tuna, ELF Mayonnaise, Salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pickled onions)

Snack: 4 Pagen Krisprolls, 35g Philidelphia light, Clementine, Apple

Dinner: To be decided

Syns: Tuna (3) ELF Mayonnaise (1) Philidelphia Light (2.5) Total = 6.5

Healthy Extra's
A = Skimmed Milk
A =
B = 2 x Alpen Light bars
B = 3 x Pagen Krisprolls

Monday, 21 February 2011

Week 2

I'm back to Slimming World, I can't stay away from my potatoes!

That's all :p

P.s here's a photo of the new lady of the apartment, no-one can resist a kitten!

Friday, 4 February 2011

Christmas Party 2011

I've been doing abit of basic maths, I have 38 weeks (now 37 as of weigh-in today) and I plan on losing 1lb each and every week. This 38 week countdown is until the 28th of October, my birthday being the 31st of October.

Works' Christmas party is normally within the first two weeks of December, so this gives me 38 weeks at 1lb a week which equals 38lbs (2 stone 10lb) to lose with a 4 - 6 week buffer. Which could get me down by 3 stone - 3 stone 2lbs at the most if I concentrate on 1lb a week.

But that time, I want to be in this dress:

Dress is from Vivien Holloway
This, my dear readers, is one of my goals. If I manage that weight loss, I will have that dress and grow my hair over the year, I will have a funky colour put through and have it styled in a funky 1950's style to go with it.

The challenge is on.

P.s I managed a loss of 2lbs this week!

Friday, 21 January 2011

Friday 21st January

So, I totally did it. Again.

Yes, we have a new kitten, she's tiny, black, a madam, extremely playful and always up to no good. Also shes' full of snot, the poor sod. So, this weekend we got up nice and early and took her up to the vets, who gave her a good check over and decided that anti-biotics should do the trick. 80 Euro lighter, we're on our way home.

Thankfully, it's only taken a week for everything to fall into place at home and she's getting on great with all the boys now. Just to get her booked in to be neutered now! (Goodbye another 80 Euro!)

I keep seeing so many pretty things over on Etsy, I just want to buy it all. Already set planning Christmas shopping for 2011 to be done on Etsy (well in advance, might I add). This way everyone gets something awesome, hand-made and it's something that they're not going to find in the shops!

In diet news, I've switched to Weight Watchters and even though I'm sure I've mentioned this before, I'm totally over the moon as it's working, also I need to make the decision: do I carry on with using the tracker online and everything or do I go to the groups. After joining a group today, I enjoyed the pleasure but there was a couple of things that left me abit 'hmm'.

  • You can't take your shoes off to get on the scales.
  • There's no 'new member talk'. You're just left to join in the group and mingle.
  • You do get an awesome folder, I've noticed the points in the booklets are very .. 'general'.Also, I noticed the Leader mentioning that you can have up to your 5 pieces of fruit per day as ZERO point, but anything after that should be pointed (how are you going to point a banana, if it's listed in your booklet as ZERO points. Crazy talk lady, just tell them moderation.)

We shall see, plan for this week:

  • Gym at least twice. - Gone once so far! Check!
  • Eat some speed foods - Melon, Strawberries - purchased and soon to be a check!
  • Eat some of my weekly points this weekend, bump that metabolism!Food plan for the week ahead, I don't want any slip-up's this week (no sneaky bags of maltesers)

Right now, I'm shattered and rather hungry!

Weight-loss this week: -2lb!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Paree: Part 2

So we're back from Paris, my lord I put on 4lbs whilst I was away, but that came at no surprise. Breakfast at the hotel consisted of the following being available:

Pain au Chocolat
Cake - this was kind of a dense sponge that was slightly sweetened with vanilla
Baguettes - white and pretty proccessed bread
Slices of Ham
Cheese - Guyere style
Whole Milk
Small yoghurts - also full fat
Variety of Jam's
Coffee and Tea

Oh god, oh god OH GOD! Also, everywhere we went there wasn't really 'healthy' choices to be made. So I just enjoyed what I had without trying to over indulge too much.

We had a great time, walked everywhere and saw everything we could see within 6 days. The metro/RER on the first day was pretty scarey and everything was just so busy, it completed overwhelmed me but Rob was chilled out as he's from London and was kind of used to it all.

We went to the Louvre and I had to find the inverted pyramid referenced by Tom Hanks in the Da Vinci Code - it was literally a run around Paris going 'Tom Hanks was here! Oh and here! HERE TOO!'

This was taken from inside the Louvre - my little camera is actually fantastic, I love the macro function. I dream of a digital SLR camera for funsies! Actually proud of how this photo came out :)

We also headed to the Palace in Versailles, totally didn't realise that this year they were exhibiting work from Murakami - I studied this man throughout my Foundation Fine Art Degree and he's fantastic. The above is a picture of the sculpture 'Miss Ko2'. There's actually fast food chain's and restaurants in Japan that will hire staff for their 'sexual appeal' and they dress in these skimpy outfits as your waitress ... must be a Japanese thing!

We had a great time and there was so much snow we were worrying if we were going to make it home or be stranded in Paris for the night.

Just off to try and haul it all in and keep on track now ... until Christmas. We're going to be heading back to England for a few days to see Rob's family and my family.

Until then!

Thursday, 2 December 2010



Just waiting for the washing machine to finish so I can put the last items out to dry before we pack for our trip to Paris. I'm so looking forward to it, it's just unbelieveable.

This will be our first official 'overseas' holiday together, as I don't really count heading back to the UK as that's just a hop away.

Monday, 22 November 2010

5 Things I heart.

I love 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'. There's just something about Clementine's hair and Josh's character.

That scene in 'Lost in Translation'.
'Lost in Translation' the silences between the characters are the most comfortable silences you'll ever witness between two people.
'Bill' ♥

This dress from Vivien of Holloway

I'm still here, still working away at my silly long shifts and still trying my hardest at getting rid of some excess lumps and bumps. I've diverted a little since last and found my way on Weight Watchers, I just realised that Slimming World wasn't really working with my current lifestyle in regards to work and Weight Watchers grants me more freedom (not at the moment as I'm broke!).

You can tell that Winter is creeping in, it's stupidly cold at the moment and we actually had trouble leaving our 1st Floor duplex apartment the other morning, there was sheer ice on the steps! *gets the salt ready*

Apparently for the rest of the week we have snow forcast!

I'm looking forward to this weekend though (just remember my weekend is extremely different to yours!) Thursday evening we're off to Long Island for Cocktail lessons! Then we're off to a meal at a lovely 5 star restaurant and it's a murder mystery, then we're back to Long Island for a few cocktails before stumbling home to enjoy the weekend.

Then *NEXT* weekend we're off to Paris for 6 days and then England over Christmas, I love December. Just hope my kitties will be all good and well.