Thursday, 16 December 2010

Paree: Part 2

So we're back from Paris, my lord I put on 4lbs whilst I was away, but that came at no surprise. Breakfast at the hotel consisted of the following being available:

Pain au Chocolat
Cake - this was kind of a dense sponge that was slightly sweetened with vanilla
Baguettes - white and pretty proccessed bread
Slices of Ham
Cheese - Guyere style
Whole Milk
Small yoghurts - also full fat
Variety of Jam's
Coffee and Tea

Oh god, oh god OH GOD! Also, everywhere we went there wasn't really 'healthy' choices to be made. So I just enjoyed what I had without trying to over indulge too much.

We had a great time, walked everywhere and saw everything we could see within 6 days. The metro/RER on the first day was pretty scarey and everything was just so busy, it completed overwhelmed me but Rob was chilled out as he's from London and was kind of used to it all.

We went to the Louvre and I had to find the inverted pyramid referenced by Tom Hanks in the Da Vinci Code - it was literally a run around Paris going 'Tom Hanks was here! Oh and here! HERE TOO!'

This was taken from inside the Louvre - my little camera is actually fantastic, I love the macro function. I dream of a digital SLR camera for funsies! Actually proud of how this photo came out :)

We also headed to the Palace in Versailles, totally didn't realise that this year they were exhibiting work from Murakami - I studied this man throughout my Foundation Fine Art Degree and he's fantastic. The above is a picture of the sculpture 'Miss Ko2'. There's actually fast food chain's and restaurants in Japan that will hire staff for their 'sexual appeal' and they dress in these skimpy outfits as your waitress ... must be a Japanese thing!

We had a great time and there was so much snow we were worrying if we were going to make it home or be stranded in Paris for the night.

Just off to try and haul it all in and keep on track now ... until Christmas. We're going to be heading back to England for a few days to see Rob's family and my family.

Until then!

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