Monday, 22 November 2010

5 Things I heart.

I love 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'. There's just something about Clementine's hair and Josh's character.

That scene in 'Lost in Translation'.
'Lost in Translation' the silences between the characters are the most comfortable silences you'll ever witness between two people.
'Bill' ♥

This dress from Vivien of Holloway

I'm still here, still working away at my silly long shifts and still trying my hardest at getting rid of some excess lumps and bumps. I've diverted a little since last and found my way on Weight Watchers, I just realised that Slimming World wasn't really working with my current lifestyle in regards to work and Weight Watchers grants me more freedom (not at the moment as I'm broke!).

You can tell that Winter is creeping in, it's stupidly cold at the moment and we actually had trouble leaving our 1st Floor duplex apartment the other morning, there was sheer ice on the steps! *gets the salt ready*

Apparently for the rest of the week we have snow forcast!

I'm looking forward to this weekend though (just remember my weekend is extremely different to yours!) Thursday evening we're off to Long Island for Cocktail lessons! Then we're off to a meal at a lovely 5 star restaurant and it's a murder mystery, then we're back to Long Island for a few cocktails before stumbling home to enjoy the weekend.

Then *NEXT* weekend we're off to Paris for 6 days and then England over Christmas, I love December. Just hope my kitties will be all good and well.

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