Friday, 10 September 2010

So I totally weighed myself after having under 50 syns for an entire week. I've lost a grand total of 2lb! Total so far 1 stone 2 lb. Although things did go a tad squiffy today but not to worry! Back on it first thing tomorrow.

I need to head into town tomorrow (Rob's legs permitting he can make it that far) and I need to grab a beaker for milk. I really need to measure out my Healthy A's in regards to Milk. At the moment I'm guesstimating and that's *really* bad. I'm excellent when it comes to measuring out cheese, cereals but milk ... wayheyyy throw abit more in.

I love green days and I'm going to do another week full of them but I'm tempted to dip my toes into Extra Easy, my only issue is giving up those extra Healthy A and B's. Surely I could survive on one of each... *gulp* If I do, I will totally have to write up a weekly food planner, surely it can't be that hard.

During this week Rob and me have been looking after our friend's cats (all 4 of them!). Sooty and Tripod are fanastic and such sociable creatures. Ony, the lady of the bunch took abit of coaxing and a few cuddles but when we turn up to feed them she doesn't hide away, However Loki is just completely fritten to death. Doesn't want to come near us, doesn't want fuss, doesn't want food. I've tried tempting him, putting the food down and leaving. putting the food down and backing off into the kitchen, making no noise, keeping my voice calm. He just wants to stay hidden under the duvet on the bed or behind the sofa. Infact, whenever we turn up he's the first to dive under the duvet, so off I go to hunt all four kitties out and bring them downstairs and there's this suspect lump under the bedsheet or in the bottom of the curtain. A few prods and he just freezes, it's rather amusing (just like my grammar and punctuation).

I'm off to write up a meal plan for the week! :)

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