Saturday, 11 September 2010

Weekend urgh!

So apart from weighing in and being fantastically happy at a 2lb loss, Rob's friend Mike came over to ours after we had been to the cinema and brought chicken ... not that bad but considering I was on a Green day and had already written out a weekly food plan. *arrghh*

Apparently, they'd planned to cook dinner but forgotten to told me. My planned Slimming World Chips with Quorn Sausages and a broccoli and cauliflower cheese went out the window. Damnit, I was really looking forward to that.

Not to worry. I'm going to be awesomely perfect and I'm going to stick to 6 1/2 syns a day every day (I'm stocked on the Muller Lights already!) Let's see if we can turn this squiffy weekend around.

Spent the evening trying to find a good Cattery for our furry balls of fluff. Only one decent one has come to mind so I need to check them out at the weekend, my only concern is that the cats will all be housed individually. Tom and George will be fine with that but Fred, he needs all the love he can get after being a sickly kitten when he was young. He got to the point of the vets saying he's got 7 days to live yet getting through that he's very much attached to people and very dependant on them and contact. But they look nice so he should be well looked after.

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