Thursday, 23 September 2010

A Dream Within A Dream

So, sleepily I got up today and it just felt like it was time to weigh-in and how'd I'd done this week. Granted, this week hasn't been 100% on plan, I've been nibbling here and there but I'd tried pushing new things like apples into my diet and having a stir-fry for my dinner even though it's stupid o'clock that I finish work.

I'm literally over the moon as I've lost 3lb this week, taking me to BANG on 16 stone (waahhh). This is just the push I've been needing to help me realise that anything is possible and I'll be getting into the 15's by this time next week come hell or high water! Just need to remember what I've done different this week, had quorn cumberland sausage stirfry, made a yummy pasta in sauce, soup and toastie, jacket potato with salads. *ponders*

In the end last week I totally had ALL my hair cut off, the weirdest thing isn't the chill on the back of the neck or feeling the wind against the back of your scalp. It's going to bed, I had this routine of taking my hairband out and just shaking my hair out with my head upside down, byebye routine!

To do list this weekend:
-Make sure the Direct Debit is set up for Eircom
-Phone the landlady about the dishwasher that decided to fill up with icey cold water and spit it all over my clean kitchen floor :(
-Look into flights and a hotel for Amsterdam. (Surprise for the boyfriend for Christmas!)
-Tattooist. I want one. Yes, another one... or two.

Urgh, I'm so bad with surprises! I just want to tell Rob what I'm doing so he would shift his arse and sort out his passport! But I have to resist and hold back, he hasn't had a proper holiday in the entire time we've been together or since I've known him (so 2 years), he went on holiday once with his ex. I last went on holiday about 2005, so this will do us both good I think. Plus we can get lots of presents for people for Christmas whilst we're over there!

Here's to the weekend all to sail in her! ♥

Credit to Anna Marek for the photo

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