Sunday, 10 October 2010

Same sh*t, different day

Just been another one of thoese days, back at work today for the week as well.
It looks like life got in the way the last couple of weeks. I've just been very half-hearted about things and I just couldn't bring myself to weigh-in. I did sit down over the weekend and give myself a talking to, do I really want to stay this weight? I want to be lovely and slim and healthy instead of 'plump and curvy'.

I can't really complain too much, I do have a lovely boyfriend and he really needs to stop offering me half of his Animal bar! So, today was the first day I'm back on plan and it didn't go too badly, although I just couldn't wait for lunch today. I was absolutely famished by the time it came round.

Food menu for today! (Extra-Easy plan)

Breakfast: Porridge (Heb) 190ml skimmed milk (Hea)
Mid-Morning: Cup of Tea, Clementine, Green Tea
Lunch: Chicken in Tomato and Basil Sauce (1) Uncle Ben's express long grain rice (1)
Mid-Afternoon: Muller Light, Cup of Tea, Clementine, Hot Chocolate (2)
Dinner: Bolognaise (left over from last night) with pasta
Evening: Hot Chocolate (2) Little bit of Cream (0.5)

Total of 6.5 Syns - Remaining 98.5 Syns for the week.

Considering I can have between 5 - 15 syns a day I'm rather happy with that! Although I was starving earlier and when I came home from work!

I'm totally in love with this lap blanket from Purl Bee and you can find a funky guide on how to make it here. Looks like it could be lovely and warm now that Winter's not far away, I might have to take a trip down to Vibes & Scribes and stock up on some wool!

That kitty looks lovely and comfy on it!

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