Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Day 2

So here's the food for yesterday:

Breakfast: Strawberries, Grapes chopped up and mixed in with Muller Light. 1 x Alpen Light bar

Snack: Small skinny hot chocolate (Hea + 2 syns)

Lunch: Chicken tikka, lettuce, tomato, cucumber with 2 sliced of brown bread (Heb) Extra Low Fat Mayo (1) and 1 x Muller Light

Snack: Rest of the chicken left over from lunch

Dinner: Didn't actually have any, was planning on having code and vegetables in passata with random spices. It turns out that as I was getting stuff out of the fridge for lunch that a power cut decided to happen.

Ended up having 1 x Alpen light bar and a small bag of popcorn (at 65calories I'm deciding to call it 3 syns)

Finally when the power came back on I made a hot chocolate and went to bed! (2 syns)

Over all not as bad as I thought looking back at it now.

Today so far:

Breakfast: Grapes and banana chopped up in a muller light

Snack: very very small piece of chocolate cake made by our lovely new Team Manager at work (syns ... ?? WHO KNOWS! but in other good news I managed to avoid costa)

Lunch: Chicken Tikka with lettuce, cucumber and tomato with mayo (1) on 2 slices of brown bread (Heb)

Dinner ... will have to decide when I go home and make sure everything is ok that was in the fridge during the powercut.

Not too bad for trying two red days for the first time since ever doing Slimming World. Introduced one of my work friends to Chocolate and Fudge Alpen light bars, omnomnom. Also found out today that a local cafe near to work actually does Jacket Potatoes, so definitely will be trying them out tomorrow for lunch on a green day.

Just a couple of my drawings from a while ago, really need to get back into drawing and just sitting down and making time for it :)

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