Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Day 2 part 2

After reading about the Moleskine wellness journal I think I'm going to grab one for myself this weekend. It would be a fantastic way to write things down as I go and keep a note in my bag, I always have one bag of some kind with me and this would be a welcome addition.

I already use moleskine sketchbooks and they have the most gorgeous paper out there. People do the most awesome things with them too.

I'm very much in ♥ with them.
I also found this, you can print out the templates and they're perfect size to slip or glue straight into your moleskine.

Holly Sarah has the most awesome hair cut, I'm so toying between letting it grow and getting it cut like this!

I totally need to get a new sewing machine. My old one was just to weighty to lug over to Ireland.

Off to enjoy my dinner, before it's too late!

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