Friday, 3 September 2010

Totally stuffed!

I don't understand today, or the last week really. Tiresome would be a would I would use to summarise it, two days on the run I've had naps mid-afternoon which is rather unlike me, either I'm coming down with something or need to look at times I'm heading to bed. Just can't seem to stay in bed and snooze after 10am.

Heading into the City Centre everything was so ... quiet, we popped into Waterstone yesterday and they had none of the Moleskine Wellbeing Journals in stock, however there was a rather nice recipe journal, resisted the urge and had a browse through the recipe books. There's rarely a Slimming World book to be found within Waterstones in Cork, a few weeks ago I'd given in and ordered about 50 euro worth of books from the Slimming World store and they're great! Weight Watchers recipes are pretty easy to adapt as well.

After my mid-afternoon nap I arose like a bear with a sore head, much to the amusement of the OH. We had to shift ourselves and went to find Dave and Tanja's place which is only a couple of roads over, we'd agreed to look after their four cats for them for two weeks whilst they enjoy Egypt. They mentioned they were happy to have people that are like-minded regarding animals and will actually stay and play with them. They have such a gorgeous bunch of cats, Sooty is totally black and completely playful (that's Rob sorted out for the next two weeks) and Ony is the only girly of the bunch and so adorable. We had a cuddle and a nosebump and she snoozed on me happily, Tanja was pretty shocked to see I'd had authorisation so fast. I may just have to steal a picture or her :p

Managed to get my mitts on the new Slimming World magazine, actually managed to find two shops over here that stock the magazine on a regular basis and they've become the first port of call when I have the feeling there's a new mag out. Picked up this edition to find an awesome recipe for Creamy Pasta with Pea's and Leek. However, the lack of leek and Herb & Garlic Philidelphia I decided to tweek the recipe. I used 85g Extra Light Philidelphia (4.5 syns) Sliced Courgette, Mushrooms, Cauliflower and Broccoli. Boiled the pasta, broccoli and cauliflower with  1 vegetable stock cube for 10 minutes. Meanwhile in a frying pan with frylight just fried off the courgette slices and mushrooms. After the pasta was done I kept 3 fluid oz of the stock water and drained the pasta and veg. Mixed the philidelphia with the stock and added this back to the pan with the pasta and all the veg. Added abit of garlic paste and viola! I would of gotten a photo but it was gone  that fast, made a nice hefty amount for a good green day scoff!

This is fred, he's never very far away from me, infact as I'm blogging this he's curled up on the chair next to me. Every morning at 8:29am (regardless of if my alarm is set to go off or not) he will jump up onto my side of the bed and commence 'cuddle time'. If I'm not ready he will just curl up and sleep as close to me as possible, if facing the wrong way he will clamber gingerly over me and curl up against my front even if it means prying a space between Rob and me. He's a total softy and a bearcub (yes, I know he's a cat). This poor mite was rather ill kitten when I went to view them to 'pick' the ones we wanted. There were two adorable white and ginger kittens, constantly mewing to be picked up or for attention.

George (left) and Fred (Right)


At the time of viewing them Fred had stopped eating and was given a week to live by the vets, so we took George and Tom, leaving poor Fred behind. At the time the kitten fosterer was carrying him around in a sling to keep him close and help with warmth as he couldn't regulate his temperatures. Shortly after, he started eating and just hasn't stopped and is the most friendly loving cat you could wish for. He loves to pad, paw and be held. We didn't hesistate him when we were told he was now fine and well enough to be adopted and came back to live with his brother.

This is our collective, they're all awesome and great to have and I wouldn't be without them or Rob. Ok, this turned into a monster post of waffle! I'll leave you with one more thing:

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