Monday, 11 October 2010

11 octobre...

How I wish I'd stayed in bed today.

This morning I totally overslept which threw out all plans I'd had for breakfast, so I grabbed my porridge and literally skipped out the door (dressed of course) to get to work to be able to have it there. I forgot the milk, there was no milk in work either. Disaster!

So today went as follows:

Breakfast: Medium Skinny Hot Chocolate (6.5 syns)
Mid-Morning: Cup of tea (Milk from Hea)
Lunch: Chicken, Bacon Salad (dressing 3.5 syns) with 1 x Fibre Plus bar (5.5 syns)
Mid-Afternoon: Cup of tea (milk from hea) 1 x Fibre Plus bar (heb)
Dinner: 100g Pasta (heb) chicken and bacon

Syns total = 15.5
Syns from yesterday - 98.5
Syns remaining for the week - 83 syns

I'm quite nicely full but I really think that I could do with a good green day to get me through, need some lovely stodgy carbs as I'm really tired and whilst red days are nice, I really like green.

I would love to make a mane like this for our cats, it's super cute!

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