Thursday, 16 September 2010

It's the weekend!

I'm really pleased that it's the weekend once again, this one couldn't come all too soon!

I have so many things I'm wanting to do this weekend. I've painted my nails grey (O_o) the entire way home the boyfriend was informing me that the colour grey was evil and that I'm evil, but even he's decided that it looks nice.

Managed to pick up a Dyson Animal DC25 today and my god, I couldn't believe it! The once chocolate brown carpet in our apartment is actually chocolate brown once again! Definitely worth the purchase.

In other drastic news I may be visiting the hairdressers tomorrow and having the lot cut off, I'm so fed-up of forever wearing it up. It's annoying and thick long, it's warm, it's thick, did I mention it's thick? We'll see tomorrow what I feel like when I've been, it won't be the first time I'll of had it short (maybe I'll even lose some weight... wishful thinking!)

Also I'm wishing the best of luck to one certain Diva for their weigh in this week! ♥

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